Lined London Fog Asanoha Scarf

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100% Silk

Fabric is from the 1970s in elegant London Fog blue with scattered Asanoha patterns. 麻の葉: Asanoha, a hemp leaf pattern, is a common and versatile motif. Named after the Asa (hemp) plant, its origins are entirely geometric (comprised of six diamonds) and popular for its visual presence. In pre-industrial Japan, hemp and other natural motifs often made their way into textile designs.


Tsumugi silk originated with farmers who made use of cocoons left over after they had sold their best silk. They collected the floss from the cocoons, spun (tsumugi) it by hand into thread and weaved kimono for themselves.


This scarf is lined with woven white kimono silk, often used for wedding kimonos.

  • Origin of Fabric: Japan
  • Sewn, pressed and packaged by hand in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Size: 69″ x 14″ approx.
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Lined London Fog Asanoha Scarf. This scarf is lined with woven white kimono silk, often used for wedding kimonos.

Faburiq is a Men’s Haberdashery line crafted from and inspired by Heritage Japanese Fabrics.

Faburiq sources only the finest fabrics, all heritage and vintage Japanese textiles that are hand-finished in the United States. Faburiq prides itself in giving these kimono fabrics a new life with a modern twist.

Faburiq’s accessories are hand-sewn and finished in Massachusetts. Wanting to draw on local talent and history of New England’s textile industry, Faburiq made a conscious decision from the beginning to work with local garment businesses as part of our manufacturing process.