Edo Komon Flower Bow Tie

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100% Silk
This silk fabric was originally made for a Komon Kimono. A lovely floret pattern is equally distributed throughout the fabric. These patterns are printed from woodblocks or dyed using stencils. This kimono fabric is exceptional and very elegant as a casual or formal accessory.
Available in Diamond Point shape.
• 2.5″ at the widest point
• Self-tie
• Origin of Fabric: Japan
• Handmade in the USA
• Pressed and packaged in Boston, Massachusetts

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Made out of 100% silk that’s sourced in Japan, this bow tie is the perfect centerpiece for your next formal event. Entirely hand-sewn in Massachusetts, you can be sure that Faburiq’s Edo Komon Flower bow tie will be your next favorite go-to accessory!



Faburiq is a Men’s Haberdashery line crafted from and inspired by Heritage Japanese Fabrics.

Faburiq sources only the finest fabrics, all heritage and vintage Japanese textiles that are hand-finished in the United States. Faburiq prides itself in giving these kimono fabrics a new life with a modern twist.

Faburiq’s accessories are hand-sewn and finished in Massachusetts. Wanting to draw on local talent and history of New England’s textile industry, Faburiq made a conscious decision from the beginning to work with local garment businesses as part of our manufacturing process.